Trash Trailers


Sometimes we’re caught outside with some trash and garbage, but nowhere to dispose of it. Rather than throwing it on the ground for animals and plants to suffer (not to mention, littering is a crime!), plan ahead with a rental from R & R Construction. We offer the rental of our trash trailers, so whether you have a big construction project on a backroad route or a home remodeling project, you can rely on our trash trailers to properly dispose of all the material waste.

If you need trash trailers for long- or short-term use, we can provide them. Our trash trailers are perfect for outdoor festivities as well as seasonal construction projects. We provide the ideal solution when you require comfortable and sanitary conditions.

To rent one (or more!) of our trash trailers, give us a call today!

Call Today To Rent Trash Trailers, Portable Restrooms & More in the Entire West Texas Area!

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